Resolution 06

I’ve never really been interested in taking wildlife or landscape photos. There are plenty of great photos of flowers and sunsets already out there. Plus, usually when I go out it’s around mid day with the sun directly overhead – which usually doesn’t make for an amazing sunset or anything too exciting on the horizon. Having started this project going into the winter, most of natures bright colors had left for the season and I’ve gotten tired of pictures with rather drab colors.

This day I was in luck because being in the middle of June, colors were back and in full bloom. I somewhat begrudgingly stopped at Noleridge Park and went to the flower gardens. I really didn’t want to take pictures of flowers, but it was what I found nearby that had what I was looking for – bright, bold colors.


There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so the full sun gave me plenty of light to work with. It was very windy, though, which proved to be a bit of a challenge. Even being able to use fast shutter speeds sometimes wasn’t enough to keep my subjects from being a bit blurry.


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A fun thing that happened when I was standing under a tree and felt something scratch my neck. I figured it was a leaf from the tree, but it turned out to be a very fuzzy caterpillar! I brushed it off my shirt onto a vine and started to take pictures of it. I ran into troubles here because the wind kept blowing the vine around and the caterpillar kept moving to places I couldn’t see it as well.

In the end I found quite a few more creative ideas than I thought I would and actually enjoyed doing nature photography. I even though of some ideas I’d like to try to try in the future.


As always, these and more from this set can be found on my Flickr site.

How Things Change

Having recently become a parent, I have been thinking back to my life as a child. Aside from remembering iconic toys, tv shows, and things I used to do, I’ve been particularly aware of the impression I had of my parents.

IMG_1461I’m in roughly the same age bracket as my parents were when they started having kids, yet I don’t feel like I’m the same age. It’s not that I remember my parents being ‘old’, but rather I don’t see myself as much different than I was ten years ago. As a kid, my parents always seemed like grown ups, which I suppose they were. Being 31 I suppose I am, too.

So why do I not feel like I’m just not to that place yet?

Maybe it’s because the change happens so gradually, it’s hard to notice until it’s been done. There was never a sudden change over from being a ‘kid’ to an ‘adult’. Some might say I still am a kid – yet I have a wife, baby and mortgage – so I’m an adult…!?

IMG_1446I have much the same feeling about all this as I do visiting places I haven’t been to since I was little. For example, my elementary school. I remember the first time going back in to Arthur Elementary after many years to vote for the first time (first sign of becoming an adult). My memories of the hallways and cafeteria were much different than what I saw. It wasn’t that the paint had changed colors or doors replaced, but rather the scale. I remember the hallways seeming forever long with really high ceilings. Now the hallways seem short and narrow.


My Grandpa Jack (my Dad’s dad) with me when I was less than a year old.

I know full well that the size of the building didn’t change. Obviously, I am what changed, but it feels the other way around. Since I hadn’t been in there for so long, there was a disconnect between my reality then and now. The feeling was very apparent and felt weird. It seemed like a sudden, huge change.

Even though I have been present (more or less) for every day of my life, this adulthood thing has kind of taken me by surprise. We all know it’s going to happen sooner or later (much later, for some people), but looking back – just like visiting my old school – things aren’t quite as grown up as they seemed.


My Dad, Me, and Harvey on my first father’s day in 2015.


My Dad, Me, and Harvey working backstage at the Iowa City Jazz Festival 2015.