I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and still live in the area with my wife Jessie, son Harvey, and dog Benny. I am a musician, audio engineer, videographer, photographer, designer, and have an entrepreneurial spirit. I’m always curious to understand how things work and find ways to improve them. I enjoy the process of finding the solution as much as the solution itself.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be creating things. Over my life, those creations have been in many forms. From drawings to songs, gardens to fish aquariums, or something made out of cardboard.

Recording Set upI started recording music around 2001 because I wanted to hear the musical ideas in my head come together. Over time, I learned how to really listen to sounds, and I’ve been obsessing over audio ever since. I love hearing the quiet details of fingers moving over strings of an acoustic guitar, barely audible ghost notes on a snare drum or the sound of the room a piano is in. Putting together a recording – piece by piece from the ground up into a beautiful work of art – is still just as exciting and satisfying as it was years ago.

Control room of the Soundhole recording studio.My friend Ian Williams and I opened our own recording studio, The Soundhole, in late 2007. It started years before in a spare room in Amana, and eventually moved to an official location in downtown Cedar Rapids. During the historic floods of 2008, we moved to a location in a 100 year old building in the Uptown district of Marion. Unfortunately, due to the building being sold we were unable to keep our space. After only a couple years, the studio doors closed at the end of 2010. Since then I have been working out of my home studio, as well as BlueSky studio in Marion.

In recent years, I have started focusing on photography, video, and design as well. While I have always been interested in these, music had always been my priority. As my job slowly shifted from audio to more graphic and design work, it sparked my interest in visual mediums. Now I’m always paying attention to design details and composition. Slight changes in the way something looks can have a big effect on the meaning it conveys. For me, creating an image or design is much like piecing together a song. I enjoy taking an idea and making it come to life.

In the coming years, there are many projects that I hope to complete, or at least get a start on. However, what I really enjoy the most is spending time with my family. I am excited to see what Harvey becomes interested in as he grows older. Whatever it is, I’ll be happy to watch him learn and having fun. Of course, I’m holding out hope that he’ll be a drummer…