For Hire

I am available for freelance/contract work. My current rate is $45/hr, or an agreed upon amount per project based off my hourly rate. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Music Production, Recording, Mixing & Editing

Previously I co-owned and operated the Soundhole recording studio, but currently operate out of my own home studio as well as working with BlueSky Productions. I have the equipment and experience necessary to record both in a studio as well as remote locations including concert venues. Give me a call or send an e-mail, and let’s talk about where you want your project to go!

  • Original Music – Have a project or event coming up that needs just the right music? Need a song for a commercial or a promotion? Could your presentation use some theme music? Give me a quick description of what you’re looking for and I’ll see what I can put together for you. Prices vary by complexity of project and work involved.
  • Video/Soundtracks – Half of video is sound, don’t let bad audio detract from the effectiveness of your carefully planned shots. Background music and ambiance can make or break the punchline of a joke, the excitement of the car chase or the breaking of a heart. Whether it’s dark and ominous or bright and cheery, I’d love to help make the soundtrack for your next video project, documentary or movie.
  • Loops and Performance Tracks – Great for worship bands and solo singer/songwriters. These can be anything from simple four-bar percussion loops to an entire backup band in a box. I can create click and guide tracks for the band’s monitors, while the audience hears only the music. It’s a great, simple way to up the production quality of your live performance – without hiring a tambourine and keyboard player.


  • Shooting – Need a short video showing off your business for your website? I have experience operating video cameras in studio environments as well as in the field for interviews, factory tours and sporting events. I have equipment for smaller shoots, but have a partner for larger events or projects.
  • Editing – I can take video footage or photos you already have and put together a professional video with titles, graphics, music, sound effects and more. Have something unique made for anniversaries, birthdays or other special events!


There are many established photographers out there who are great at taking family or high school senior photos. As a photographer, I have focused more on creative images as apposed to classic portraits. My main goal is to create an image that has style and feeling. Something that is interesting to look at and shows a different view of the world.

Web / Design

Everything on a webpage, flyer or visual should be there for a purpose. By using design elements intentionally – rather than just for good looks – I can create not only a beautiful design, but a functioning one as well. When I create graphics and page layouts, the motivating factor of the design is always the information. It is not only important to get people’s attention, but also to keep it and make the information easy and natural to understand. I can help you register a domain name and set up email, as well. I’m the perfect solution for people who don’t need to hire an expensive company to control everything, but also don’t have the time or expertise to get started on their own.