Resolution 03

Another heavy snow means another chance to photograph things frozen, covered in white blankets of snow. I had seen railroad tracks in the park I was at before and wanted to try capturing them. While I wasn’t too excited by what I ended up with, I was much more inspired by the bright red railroad crossing yield sign.

I wish I had framed the sign more to the left, as the angle of the power lines and slight tilt of the sign move my eyes to the right side – which is then the edge of the image. I tried finding something interesting with the shadow, but it was just too cold to keep trying. This park also has a creepy old building that’s fenced in, too. I’ll have to come back to here on a warmer day. I need to learn to not go out and take pictures when it’s only 9º.

A week or so later, after yet another snow, I decided to find another bright color like the red yield sign. I was trying to find something that could really stand out and use the snow as a solid colored background. I was headed down a country road on the edge of town and all I could find was dull browns from lifeless plants and hibernating trees. I finally gave up and pulled onto a street to turn around when I spotted it – a bright red fire hydrant!

After looking through my shots of this I’ve decided that the background of your image is just as important as the foreground. Some angles there was muddy snow or a housing development in the background. They just weren’t as fun as the shots that were mostly neon red on white. I also noticed that this hydrant had not been shoveled out yet, and wondered if the people at the business nearby were worried I was taking pictures to report them.

IMG_1536.JPGI really like the look of a solid background, and will probably try to achieve that with more photos in the future. I also really liked the bright colors. When I was editing them I also liked a slightly desaturated look, too. However, much like turning the bass and treble up on a stereo, it’s hard not to bring those colors out!

As always, all of these photos and more are up on Flickr.

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