Resolution 07

On my way out of work on a rainy, overcast day, the color of the dumpster caught my eye. It’s a burnt red color and just really stood out. The surroundings weren’t anything I wanted in my pictures, nor did I really want all my co-workers wondering why I was taking pictures of the dumpster.

I set out looking for something with a similar color, and ended up finding it at a little park by the river I had been at during the winter. I found some sort of utility box that had a nice rusty orange color. The rain had given it a nice shiny reflective top. I found a few angles that I liked and then moved on.

I didn’t find much else I wanted to photograph. There were some geese standing in a row along the edge of the river, but I didn’t have my telephoto lens with me and I couldn’t get close enough without scaring them away.

But then there is always the car.


P1050558aSaabs always catch my eye, and I’ve always thought the color of mine looks particularly good on dreary days – especially covered in beads of rain. Sometime I will need to do a night photoshoot with it under street or parking lot lights. That’s another time when I feel like the Ice Blue color really comes alive. (These photos are sensationalized a bit – the blue color isn’t quite so saturated in real life).

See the full set and more from the past on flickr.

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