Resolution 08

It had been some time since I had been out shooting. On one of the final days of summer, just as Autumn was starting to roll out across the landscape, I found a ditch along the side of a road covered in yellow flowers.


It was really windy that afternoon so I had to keep a fast shutter speed, which worked out okay because there was plenty of light to make up for it. At first I struggled to come up with an interesting composition, but I eventually found a few points of view that felt interesting.


One thing that I got out of this session was using the zoom (crop factor) to get a narrower depth of field. Previously, I’d always just tried to have a wide open aperture for that effect. However, I discovered I’ve really been missing out by not using the lens to achieve blurred background/foregrounds. I’ll have to admit, I don’t entirely understand why it works that way, but it’s something new for me to use and do some reading on to better understand.


I really like the bright, bold, yellow flowers on a fairly solid blue sky background. I wish I had gotten some more shots of the flowers with a mostly sky backdrop. They’re long gone now, but I’m hoping to get some autumn colors before the season changes yet again.P1060050a

A few more along with these are posted on flickr.

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