Over the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time looking through lenses of various video and still cameras. It has been very inspiring to discover the way cameras work and the power of creativity held within. I really enjoy learning the art and science behind that creative power, as well as using my understanding to find a new and interesting view of the world.

PostI hope to greatly expand on my photography skills in the coming years. My goal is to have the science part ‘disappear’ by becoming second nature, so I can focus completely on the art. One thing I have learned from years of recording music, is that you have to always be ready to hit record – you never want to miss the moment creativity strikes. Too much fussing around with getting the right settings and the moment can be gone. Sometimes, the best recording or photo isn’t the ‘perfect’ one, but rather the one that was done with the right intention and the most inspiration.

Street ShadowHaving no nostalgia for photography gear of the past, I am completely engrained in the digital format. I understand some people’s love for film and analog formats, but for me, digital removes barriers that would otherwise inhibit my productivity. Processing film and using a dark room to make prints is an art all in it’s own. Although I have enjoyed doing just that, realistically, it’s just not something I would often get around to doing.

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