BEHOLD! Before you stands the 5th studio album from Surf Zombies. After years of false starts and scrapped sessions, Return of the Skeleton is finally here for your listening pleasure. Pick up a copy from the Shop.





ROAD RAGE live at captain roy’s

frank & the sharks live at gabes

the krinkler live at byron’s


about the band

Surf Zombies raise surf rock from the dead with fast, crazy, original instrumentals that straddle retro surf, bubblegum punk and garage rock, conjuring images of beach parties, Saturday morning cartoons, and hot rod car shows. The driving rhythms, swirling tremolo, crashing spring reverb from dueling guitars and authentic growl of vintage tube amps make for a truly weird Midwestern wonder.


Brook Hoover - Guitar

Trevor Treiber - Bass

Ian Williams - Guitar

Luke Ferguson - Drums

“The Surf Zombies set was the absolute perfect way to wrap up Iowa Public Radio's activities at the 2019 80/35 Festival. We presented 18 acts on our stage during the festival and, by far they drew the largest crowd we had all weekend. As I looked out over the crowd, what struck me is there was a smile on every face! The band nailed it. They played great, sounded great, and looked great. The crowd could tell Surf Zombies take the music seriously, but not to the point that the fun is taken out of it.

“I couldn't help wondering why festivals aren't more careful to be sure to book bands like Surf Zombies more often. It was a long weekend of angry rockers, earnest singer/songwriters, and quirky indie pop bands; Surf Zombies were the perfect antidote.

-Al Schares, Iowa Public Radio

The Full Story

The seeds of the Surf Zombies were planted long ago in a basement in Fort Dodge, Iowa, when Brook Hoover and his neighborhood friends discovered a scratchy 45 of the Surfaris’ “Wipe Out,” and the journey to unlock the secret of surf guitar began. A 9th Grade talent show performance of the tune lead to years of reverb-soaked high school jams, and while everyone moved on to new things, the sounds of surf never left Hoover’s mind. After years of friends and fans alike suggesting he start an instrumental surf group, Surf Zombies were born in 2006 with Hoover and Doug Roberson on guitar, Jim Viner on drums, and long-time collaborator and childhood friend Joel McDowell on bass.

Surf Zombies started on a high note, with their first performance being the opening act for surf guitar legend Dick Dale, and a self-titled debut album soon to follow. For their second album, “Something Weird,” Roberson and Viner departed to make room for Kyle Oyloe on guitar and baritone, and a rotating cast of great drummers beating the skins. The band began scoring some bigger gigs, securing a yearly spot at Iowa’s Vintage Torquefest as well as various music festivals and club dates, and started reaching a wider audience after having songs featured on TV shows like MTV’s Ridiculousness, Bad Ink, and others.

“Lust For Rust” introduced heavy hitter Tyler Russell on drums, and Oyloe’s departure made way for studio engineer Ian Williams to step in on guitar duties. This album introduced new layers of fuzzy guitars and gritty garage rock, and by the time their fourth album, “It’s a…THING!” was in the works, the Blendours’ Trevor Treiber joined the ranks on bass guitar. “It’s a… THING!” was the first Surf Zombies album to see a vinyl release, and was sold out by the time the band was inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017. The band was also honored with a successful beer, Surf Zombies IPA, brewed by Iowa Brewing Company in the band’s home base of Cedar Rapids, IA.

After years of work and many attempts, the band’s fifth studio release, “Return of the Skeleton,” finally saw the light of day in October of 2018 and introduced Luke Ferguson of Lipstick Homicide on drums. The album features wide reaching songwriting from Hoover, Treiber, and Williams and shows the band at their finest, with returning artist Erin Wells providing artwork.

Surf Zombies have played in all corners of Iowa and frequently visit, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and Nebraska. The future holds visits to the west coast for the Surf Guitar 101 Festival, and potential visits to Germany and Japan to spread their sound even further. Their live set has been fine tuned to a non-stop medley of powerful hooks that would make the Ramones proud. They strive to create unique grooves and stretch the genre as much as possible, while still retaining the classic elements of the initial 60s surf craze that inspired the young minds in Fort Dodge all those years ago.

It’s rare to find a band with three experienced songwriters who share a dedication to the music and enjoy each other’s company. There are plenty of songs left in the vault and a steady stream of new material being written; needless to say, Surf Zombies #6 is already in the works. Surf Zombies love to collaborate with one another and continue to make plans for spreading the fun of surf instrumentals throughout the world.



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